Monday, October 10, 2011

#lovethyneighbour 多谢近百万观众的支持! Thank you!

If you’re one of the nearly one-million viewers who tune into Love Thy Neighbour every night, the cast thanks YOU! Felicia Chin, Aileen Tan, Brandon Wong, Vivian Lai, Huang Wen Yong, Lin Mei Jiao, Ng Hui and little Mozart (Jun Sheng) hit the markets early morning yesterday to thank their fans personally!

We share the happy pictures from yesterday’s event!

We gave out custom-printed tissue packets for fans to wipe off the tears of laughter they shed when they watch the show!

Go market doesn’t mean must wear like go market hor. Ng Hui looking adorable in her pink pokka-dotted top!

Feli gets ambushed by eager fans. Many aunties commented 哎哟,靓瑄啊你瘦了!要吃多一点!

Aileen Tan having a nice moment with a TPY resident! (Wah 丽贞姐, 可以去当议员嘞)

It’s Jun Sheng’s first time at a event like that, and he was a little shell-shocked! But we even allocated a 姐姐 to him to make sure he didn’t get lost in the crowds! If you ever bump into him, you can give him a friendly fist bump! (cos Jun Sheng’s cool like that. )

文永大哥 at Tiong Bahru market!

1 – The number of fan buses which trailed us the whole morning (FELICITY was out in bright orange to support Felicia!)
2 – The number of vehicles we booked (1 for the artistes, 1 for the 好料 we were giving out)
3 – The number of markets we ambushed
8 – The number of cast members who came down
100 – The number of times 小胖 Mozart got pinched on his cheeks (ok lah, we weren’t counting but there were MANY!)
2000 – The number of tissue packets we gave out!

Continue to stay tuned to Love Thy Neighbour every weeknight 9pm on Channel 8!

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Felicia Chin rocks

Greetings and salutations, fellow stargazers! This is your Showbiz Sista, ploughing through the archives of her busy life to bring you snippets from her swanning with the stars. A while ago, Showbiz Sista had front row seats to a very special performance: Felicia Chin busking in Orchard Road in a rocker chick getup.

Felicia was filming a scene for the currently-airing drama, Love Thy Neighbour, in which she plays the con-star daughter of a conman (Ha Yu). Shaun Chen also stars as the unassuming neighbour who gets cheated by the duo, then becomes a friend.

Our three stars

Shaun helps Felicia tune up

Shaun’s body double? Nah, it’s just the director/producer

Felicia’s supportive fans

Catch Love Thy Neighbour on weekdays at 9pm on MediaCorp TV Channel 8. Showbiz Sista, signing out. Live long and pop corn!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

#lovethyneighbour 邻里万岁!四个门牌一个梦 Media Conference

Thanks for your support of Love Thy Neighbour so far! We know you are loving the show! Some fans have posted on Facebook that they enjoy the ‘made in Singapore’ feel of the show, and we totally agree! This show is truly about embracing the heartlands 邻里 and embracing the differences that make this society Singaporean!

From the press conference onwards, we kept it authentic. Check out the pop-up backdrop set in a HDB corridor! Our artistes also sat on wooden benches (not hotel banquet chairs) throughout the press conference. So cosy!

The information we handed out to the press was also inspired by the iconic HDB blocks which make up our landscape! “当新移民friend上本地人,包你笑到飙泪!” So we gave our media friends tissue paper lor!

Everyone wanted a press kit, even 夏雨大哥! “给我一个带回家嘛!”

You have seen in the last episodes, the chemistry between father-daughter combo 夏雨 and Feli is very strong! He still calls her 女儿 affectionately now.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the newly rejuvenated Shaun is looking well fit and charming! He buffed up quite abit for the show playing martial arts expert Ye Meng 叶孟. Felicia is also glowing (she says it’s the regular hours of sleep she gets as a student) in pink! The crew and media were all very amused by her ‘flamingo’ skirt.

A special mention goes to the cute couple played by Tak Gor and Vivian! (who also hosted the conference with her own brand of ‘garang’ humour.) The moment Tak Gor appeared, we were laughing at his Mandarin and her immediate self-appointment as his translator. Her character Shan Shan, a sassy accented lady from 成都 will appear from Episode 4 onwards (30 Sep) so keep a lookout for her hilarious encounters with the locals in the show!

In the meantime, catch exclusive Love Thy Neighbour videos from our Youtube playlist here! More vids coming up every day!

四个门牌一个梦 will continue to bring you laughter and tears on weeknights 9pm on Channel 8!

Felicia Chin stars in 'Love Thy Neighbour'

Credit to TODAY

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#lovethyneighbour Felicia tells you why you need to tune in TONIGHT at 9pm


It’s Feli’s final blog post, and she tells us why we NEED to tune in
tonight at 9pm to catch her show!

Hope my past entries were interesting enough =). I have used different perspectives to bring across my role, sharing with all my friends here what I have been busy with, introducing my dad and all the fun we had while filming this show and also the photos and captions of interesting scenes in this show (Catch Love Thy Neighbours to know it all!)


Love Thy Neighbour is a heart-warming comedy drama that aptly shows what might be happening around us now. Maybe we are facing a second wave of immigration and integration since the days of our ancestors, it is hard to avoid such related issues in our everyday lives now. However, I am glad these issues and more are discussed and played out in a light-hearted manner in this show and I think many good lessons can be gleaned from our portrayals.

I think this show is very relatable and realistic yet a good breather from the hectic everyday life that we have. What a good way to de-stress after a hard day’s of work!



I am also very happy to act with so many heavy weights in this show! Besides Xia Yu Dage, I have many scenes with beautiful Aileen Tan and interactions with many affable veterans like Lin MeiJiao and WenYong Dage. I must say that they have always brought lots of sparks on our local screens and bring so much depth to our show. It is a joy watching them act and I am sure when you see them flashing out their characters, you can definitely identify with them and probably go:” Eh, that’s sounds just like the third floor (fill in the blank with your neighbour’s name=)!)

The dialogue is also pretty exciting in a way we have tried to bring even more personal flavour to our lines and some might even make you chuckle and feel it’s the dialogue you hear in coffee shops, MRT or really, in your everyday lives!




I am sure there have been several very strong performances by young actors and actresses recently. I can say we have a tiny Mozart that might just make you want to get off your couch and try to pinch his cheeks (of course you cant :p). Little Mozart acts as Cavin Soh’s and Ng Hui’s son and hearing feedback from our frequent trailers, many have said he is truly very adorable=) Even I cant help but hug him and..look at his indescribable expression=p

It is a pity that Meijiao Jie acting as Mozart’s grandma might not be able to use her way of calling his name in the show as it is said in dialect. You know how grandmas have their own way of pronouncing their grandchildren’s English names when they can’t really pronounce them? (Ever have that experience? =p) So Mozart becomes ‘Bochup’ to her. =) I guess we have our rules in Singapore though it really sounds so warm and hilarious when we hear their conversation and feels so relatable.

Love Thy Neighbour is coming to all of us on Sep 27th TONIGHT on Channel 8, 9pm. I hope all of you will enjoy it and thanks so much for liking my blog entries so far! I had a lot of fun playing out different identities as Wang Tian-Hu (look at my many other different ‘disguises’!)



Bringing you insights to our production and my personal experiences have been liberating and reflective for me as well. I hope to bring more juicy bits of news and updates the next time we meet! Cheers!


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Monday, September 26, 2011

效法欧菁仙? 陈靓瑄退幕后







#lovethyneighbour Felicia asks questions questions


Felicia shows exclusive pictures about scenes to expect!
Your questions will be answered when Love Thy Neighbour debuts tomorrow!

A taste of things to come…


So smoky… What happened??


Ahh!! Who is that??!!


Why is Wang Tianhu and Wang Dafa dressed up this way??


Wang Dafa trying to kill Wang Tianhu???


Who made the bubbly Wang Tianhu so sad?


Who is the masked man in black?! What will happen to Wang Tianhu?


Why is there tissue stuck in Wang Tianhu’s ears?


What is happening?? Who is Wang Tianhu trying to save? ?


Why is Wang Tianhu and Ye Meng all drenched?


Why is Wang Tianhu all dressed up??? Out to cheat people again???

All these questions and more will be answered when you catch Love Thy Neighbour! I’ll be writing about all the reasons why you need to catch this funny show, so check this space again tomorrow~ !


In the meantime, check out Felicia’s interview here! She shares about queuing up for bubble tea, and more about her role as 王天胡!

Credit to Bagua TV Blog